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Formula SAE Rotary Sensor Kit for Steering Rack

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The Rotary Sensor needs 12V power supply input and gives a 5V output signal. The measured angle is internally converted from digital 12 bit to analog so that it can be easily read from the most common datalogger. This means taht 0.5V is 0° and 4.5V is 360° with a power supply of 12V. The resolution of the measured angle is about 0.088°.

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Additional Information

8 weeks

Sensor Type

Hall Effect


12 bit

Power Supply Voltage

8…35 VDC

Reverse Polarity Protection of Power Supply


Electrical Connection

Cable 3 pole

Output Characteristics

Positive gradient CW

Output Signal

0.5 … 4.5 VDC

Mechanical Range

360 (continuos) °

Protection Class


Mounting hole

2 through-holes 4.4 mm