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Steering Column 1300mm Carbon Tubes

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Carbon Fiber Tube Ideal for Steering Column with High Torsional Strength

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Additional Information

6 weeks

Length [mm]


Outside Diameter [mm]


Inside Diameter [mm]


Weight [g/mm]


Suggested Adhesive

Epoxy Resin 3M 9323

Suggested Adhesive Layer Thickness

between 0.1mm and 0.25mm

Suggested Adhesive Layer Length

between 1 and 1.5 times the diameter

Suggested way for cutting the tube

High Speed Circular saw with Continuous Rim Diamond Abrasive blade

Adhesive Bonding Tips

– Protect the outer surface that will not be bonded with adhesive tape to prevent the glue to stitch to them
– Scratch the Cylindrical inner surface of the Tube that will be bonded with medium-coarse sandpaper until you will obtain an uniform opaque black colour.
– Clean thoroughly with acetone
– Clean with Compressed air
– Clean thoroughly with brake cleaner
– Clean with Compressed air
– Avoid touching the surface that will be glued
– Insert the aluminum inserts inside the carbon fiber tube with a circular movement
– Remove the extra resin that came out the junction.